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Word On The Street

Helen Ninavie - Patient Care Co-ordinator

So happy to have discovered Konscious Kitchen this past year. I follow a paleo lifestyle and their selection of savoury items like bagels and their sweet items are beyond delicious. The owners are super nice and go above and beyond to fulfill your order and meet your needs. I highly recommend Konscious Kitchen to anyone who wants to live a healthy lifestyle.

Afshan Tafler – Coach For Mothers of Hypersensitive, High Need Kids

Such wonderful customer service and love their products. Snehal made the most beautiful birthday cake for my son. We have such a special diet that it’s hard to find a place to meet all of our requirements, but so happy Konscious Kitchen could do that. My son was so happy with the cake. We also eat the blueberry muffins and bagels all the time too. Great quality and taste.

Suzanne Thompson - Holistic Nutritionist Student

I was diagnosed with Celiac disease four years ago and I also react to artificial sweeteners and some gums. I had given up on ever eating a muffin that was gluten free and didn't taste like sand. Then I sampled Konscious Kitchen's muffins and couldn't believe how delicious they were! They are my go-to treat that I keep in my freezer and I no longer miss a muffin with my coffee. As a Holistic Nutritionist student, I also appreciate the nutritional value of these products, with no fillers and ingredients you cant pronounce.

Meet The Founders

Snehal & Neil

Konsious Kitchen was founded in mid 2019 with an aim of providing clean and healthy food without compromising on taste. It all started when our founder Snehal was diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder in 2017 and was prompted to follow a clean eating lifestyle following her diagnosis.

Neil was quick to catch on with Snehal’s change in food choices since he was always inclined towards fitness and health. What started as a series of experiments in their home kitchen first turned into a blog, then a youtube channel and then into a full fledged company – Konsious Kitchen.

Mad Clean | Mad Delicious | Mad Addictive - All Rolled into One!

We are a Walk-in Bakery too

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